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Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Lost Marbles"

This was shot in mono b/w with a Nikon D300, 55mm focal length.

I used a mirror with water on it, in which the marbles were placed on. Then with two hotlights on either side of the table and a SB800 flash to the right of the camera, I placed an aluminum reflector behind the shot so that is what you see in the reflection of the mirror. SS at 1/125 and apreture at f/10.0. Using Paint Shop Pro X2, I cropped and ran a clarrifying filter for more contrasts. Then copied a pasted the image as a new layers. Working on the background layers I ran a mendhi>melt filter. Then on the new raster layer copy I earased any of the background I didn't want leaving the melt to show through.

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