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Monday, July 20, 2009


This image was very simple and fun to do. First a glow in the dark orb (in this case an ordament for the garden) was the perfect subject. Suspending a pole that has a hole at each end, to 2 unused lightstands, I hung the orb. Then I charged the orb. I also used a penlight that had two colors.

The camera set for bulb setting and the following settings: ISO 400, F/5.6, SS bulb held open for 11 seconds, 55mm lens.

With the camera on a tripod and the use of remote release, I held the shutter open while moving the penlight in random movements around the orb. Changing the color of the pen as I went.

Another variation with the orb spinning and Shutter held open for 20 seconds this time.

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