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Monday, August 31, 2009

Boom da boom boom!

The following pictures were used to create the fish and speaker composition. All shot in the studio using two side hotlights, the one on the left had a green filter, and no flash strobe.

First shot a speaker....

Then shot a fish bowl half filled with water on a black background fabric with a block wedge under it to prop the fish bowl at an angle. I poured water from a jar into the bowl.

Next comes the fish in the jar to magnify its size...

Using the speaker image I made a tansparent layer and added a stripe mask layer. Then faded it to and removed unwanted lines. Used the smudge tool to soften and blend.

Next I copied and pasted the bowl and water image on top as a new layer. I removed unwanted background and adjusted contrast to match background layer. Using the clone tool, I cloned the fish image above the bowl and a few extra water drops. Moved the layer to be in a position in front of the lower speaker woofer. Used the smudge tool to blend in the highlights on the bowl.

Merged all. Another composition image done the same way only with a different view of the speaker and an additional blurring of the bottom subwoofer....

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