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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reaching out of My World....

Here we are again with a composition of layering three images and using selected parts of each. I started with an image of a garden reflection globe. Making sure of placing it in a spot that got the best background reflection that I wanted. Next to some bushes on the ground for the "framed" look...
Using this image as my main background, I removed the unwanted features (ie...the garden boarder) by using the cloning brush in psp2X. That is the only program I have available at the moment as I am on a barrowed computer till mine is fixed. Using the round selection tool...I selected the ball area (after making a copy of this original) and ran a b/w photo filter on it. Next I did a blur filter with a rotation with the center having being fix. Then select none. Then making a new image of this background that I copied before these two filters were ran I used the clone tool and selected the colored part of the frog head in front that was changed during the round selection tool b/w process and I cloned the color back onto the original background.
The next image was to snap a picture of myself, not easy when holding a D300 at arms length and squeezing the shutter with the thumb of that hand holding the camera. Yes a tripod could have been used...but then the arm would not have been easy to justify for the purpose intended.

Making a transparent layer over the background I cloned my image onto the transparent layer and then selected it using the move tool and resized and turned it to fit into place. I then made that layer into a b/w and added noise. I cleaned up the edges of the image and warped the head and shoulders some to make it look spherical.

Finally on the third image was shot a straight forward shot indoors with a flash. Nothing fancy...but it works. Again I made a third trasparent layer on the original and cloned the hand onto the image. Then using the move tool, I resized and then rotated the hand to the current position. I ran a clarifying filter to define it more and then copied that layer and pasted it on top of the original. I then ran a swirl filter to distort the the hand layer that was between the layer 2 and 4, then faded the layer some to blend in somewhat to look like the surface of the reflection ball has been disturbed.

After a few more touches here and there and an added mask layer to soften the busy background, I merged all layers and saved as a flattened image. This keeps the original picture's exif info in tact.

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