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Friday, December 16, 2011

Ice Panes

The above is the original untouched image. Using PSP X2 I used the adjustment levels tool to bump the contrast, then the clarifying tool to bump it even further and bring out the details. See image below...
Nexts I copied a pasted the original image as a new layer. On layer one I ran a VM (viseman) Natural filter called lightsplash. This gave the image of the rays you see in the above image. On layer two, I ran a VM Extravaganza filter called Arora detector, which gave a metalic silver and blue hue to the image. I then faded the top layer to blend the images and merged them together to get the above image. I copied and pasted this image as a new image.
Then back to the original image (that has the exif after modifying), I ran a VM Toolbox Tiler filter and played with the settings to get the above picture. Next I went to the new copied image and copied it and then back to the original, I pasted it as a new layer. I resized it to be very small and faded it enough to see the diamond pattern behind it. After placing it where I wanted, I used the eraser tool and removed all the unwanted image to make a small diamond image. I then copied and pasted it as a new layer for each of the diamonds. I left the each layer slightly faded in order to make it seem like you were looking though either a window pane or ice. I merged all layers and the below image is the result.
It seems that the horizons are off but really what you are seeing is an optical illusion created by the distant horizon going away from the camera. In the original bigger image you can see a hill in the forground that justifies that the horizon is straight. It is still straight in the smaller images, but because that hill is not easy to see, it looks crooked. If the smaller images were rotated, the houses would not be level. So, if you think of it, looking through beveled glass or ice, you would get an off kiltered feeling sometimes too. Makes it more realistic.

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